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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Products you DO NOT want anywhere near your face

Toothpaste-First of all, it usually contains baking soda which is an alkaline substance that compromises the quality of the lipid layer and the integrity of the skin. 3 main ingredients in toothpaste=sodium lauryl sulfate(an alkaline soap), mint(an irritant), and silica(an abrasive). So in a nutshell you are striping your skin of the ability to protect itself from bacteria and using an abrasive substance to make tiny scratches all over your skin and throwing something at it that will irritate the crap out of it. Excessive drying may help acne at first but you will then have to worry about the fact that your skin no longer retains moisture and wont take to any lotions you use. Thats what happens when you damage the lipid layer. The lipid layer keeps skin healthy and able to do its job(which is to expel toxins). You do not want to to alter this little guy. the key to good skin is to create a balance. that means use gentle products that wont compromise your skins integrity.