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Hello, my name is Audra. I'm and outgoing person who loves learning new things and helping others get out of their comfort zone. I consider myself to be adventurous and never take no for an answer. Researching things is a hobby of mine(I know lame right?).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My attempt at pretty nail art

Ok so I cant paint a solid color that looks nice on my nails to save my life! I figure that some cool designs or pretty flowers might take the attention away from my lack of skills in the nail painting department. And as always, I get in over my head and try something way too hard to begin with!! Water marble nail art is quite a bit more difficult then I imagined. The tutorials made it look so easy on youtube! Oh well, here is my adventure in nail art:

a little better after i cleaned up

2) I dont know what to call this, it happened by accident. I tried this with a black base color and it didnt look as great. I just took a long striper brush and starting from the nail tips just flicked like 4 different colors up towards my cuticles and finished it off with some black dots I made using the backside of a pin.

                                                             1) Water-marble nail art-
What a mess but my 5th attempt kinda worked