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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Makeup tricks that will change your life!

  • When applying false lashes apply the glue directly onto eyelid like eyeliner. Let sit for a few seconds and apply lashes.
  • Avoid lipsticks if possible. Your lip color is usually the perfect shade anyways.
  • Highlight above brows not under to lift the eyes.
  • Use corrector not concealers to get rid of under eye bags.
  • Purchase a full coverage foundation. This way you can create any finish you desire. Mix with a dab of lotion for a tinted moisturizer. 
  • Avoid shimmer on crease of eyes. It exaggerates wrinkles.
  • Know your eye-shape for best eyeshadow application.
  • Avoid shimmery bronzer if you have pale skin. Pale skin wears matte colors best while ebony skin wears shimmers best.
  • Cream products work better for dryer skin.
  • For fuller looking lashes, coat them with a liquid eyeliner.