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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My attempt at pretty nail art

Ok so I cant paint a solid color that looks nice on my nails to save my life! I figure that some cool designs or pretty flowers might take the attention away from my lack of skills in the nail painting department. And as always, I get in over my head and try something way too hard to begin with!! Water marble nail art is quite a bit more difficult then I imagined. The tutorials made it look so easy on youtube! Oh well, here is my adventure in nail art:

a little better after i cleaned up

2) I dont know what to call this, it happened by accident. I tried this with a black base color and it didnt look as great. I just took a long striper brush and starting from the nail tips just flicked like 4 different colors up towards my cuticles and finished it off with some black dots I made using the backside of a pin.

                                                             1) Water-marble nail art-
What a mess but my 5th attempt kinda worked

                  This was incredibly messy and very frustrating at first. You have to get the water temperature right, which all people say is it needs to be "room-temperature" but I live in michigan. My room temperature is probably a lot colder than most so after some trial and error I discovered that slightly warmer water is key to this project. Also you need very high quality nail polish that is not too thick, the newer it is the better! Some brands work better then others, and glittery shades tend to not be the best. Of course Im telling you all this using my fairly older nail polishes that I have stockpiled. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I never wear polish. It never lasted and would chip off the first time I wash my hands or, heaven forbid, take a shower. Sometimes it would even peel off in one complete sheet! I found that a light scruff with the nail file helps a ton and cleaning the nails with alcohol before painting. Plus, I probably just need to get some new polishes all together!